D.J. Tanner
General Information
Gender: Female
Age: 10-11 (Season 1)

11-12 ((Season 2)

12-13 (Season 3)

13-14 (Season 4)

14-15 (Season 5)

15-16 (Season 6)

16-17 (Season 7)

17-18 (Season 8)


Hair Color: Brown
Eye Color: Brown
Birthday: February 9, 1977
Family & Friends
Family: Pamela Tanner
(mother; deceased)
Danny Tanner (father)
Michelle Tanner (sister)
Stephanie Tanner (sister)

Joey Gladstone (father's friend)
Jesse Katsopolis (uncle)
Becky Katsopolis (aunt)
Nicky Katsopolis (cousin)
Alex Katsopolis (cousin)

Tommy Fuller
(husband; deceased) (Fuller House)

Jackson Fuller
(Son) (Fuller House)

Max Fuller
(Son; middle child) (Fuller House)

Tommy Fuller, Jr
(Son; youngest) (Fuller House)

Elijah Ray Sanders Cousin

Friends: Kimmy Gibbler
Pet(s): Comet
Enemies: Gia
Series Information
First appearance: "Our Very First Show"
Last appearance: "Michelle Rides Again Part 2"
Portrayer: Candace Cameron

Donna Jo Margaret Tanner (born February 9, 1977, portrayed by Candace Cameron) Edit


Donna-Jo Margaret Tanner (born February 9, 1977, portrayed by Candace Cameron Bure is Danny and Pam's oldest child. D.J. attends Fraser Street Elementary, Van Alta Junior High, and Bay view High School (through the show's whole run). She shares a room with Stephanie at the beginning, later to switch with Michelle (in season five) for privacy reasons. Even though she sometimes bickers with her srs, she deeply cares for them. She has her first serious relationship with Steve Hale (first introduced in season five), who later becomes a real fixture in her life (and an official cast member beginning in season 6) when their characters return from a summer abroad in Spain. D.J. announces a big surprise that her and Steve are dating.  

Their relationship lasts until they break up in season seven, after realizing the passion in their relationship is gone, but agree to remain friends. D.J. has on-and-off relationships (during the show's final season) with guitarist Viper (a new addition to Jesse's band) and rich kid Nelson, but both relationships do not last. In the series finale, Steve shows up at the Tanner house to take D.J. to her Senior Prom.  

Though she gets upset at times over her father prying into her or otherwise embarrassing her, she is always quick to apologize when she gets angry with at him. D.J. is often irritated about the limits her father places on her, and usually breaks these limits. Nevertheless, she eventually learns her lesson (usually the hard way). This structure of one of the "Tanner sisters" learning a life-important lesson is shown in many episodes.  

D.J. is a straight A student. From the sixth episode ("Daddy’s Home"), when she wouldn’t talk about how much she wished Danny wasn’t working so much because Stephanie would cry about Danny missing her recital, D.J. shows great sensitivity toward her younger siblings. Stephanie quite often got on her nerves with her snooping, and this trend continued throughout the series. Her interests include music (such as George Michael during season 2), movies, and hanging out with her friends. In early episodes, she was shown to love Horseback Riding, dreaming of having her own horse, and practicing karate. D.J. also had an interest in learning the drums that Jesse buys her, which are never shown again after the episode. D.J. has a Pillow Person that she's attached to and unlike Mr. Bear, D.J.'s Pillow Person is still seen until "Full House" ends. D.J. has a Charm Bracelet that Pam gave her when she and Danny bought Michelle home from the hospital. 


DJ season 1

Donna Jo Tunner-Fuller is 40

DJ season 2
DJ season 3
DJ season 4
DJ season 5
DJ season 7
DJ season 8


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