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Kimmy Gibbler
General Information
Gender: Female
Age: 10-11 (Season 1)

12 (Season 2)

13 (Season 3)

13-14 (Season 4)

14-15 (Season 5)

15-16 (Season 6)

16 (Season 7)

17-18 (Season 8)

Hair Color: Blonde
Birthday: January 19, 1977
Family & Friends
Family: Ramona Gibbler (daughter)

Jimmy Gibbler (younger brother)

Friends: D.J. Tanner (best friend)
Enemies: Michelle Tanner (sometimes)

Stephanie Tanner (sometimes)

Series Information
First appearance: Our Very First Show (mentioned)

The First Day Of School

Last appearance: Michelle Rides Again (Part 2)
Portrayer: Andrea Barber

Kimmy is D.J. Tanner's best friend and the Tanners' next door neighbor. While the character was just a recurring guest star early on, she soon became part of the main cast. She was first mentioned in Our Very First Show, but made her official appearance in the episode "The First Day of School".


Kimmy season 1
Kimmy season 2
Kimmy season 3
Kimmy season 4
Kimmy season 5
Kimmy season 6
Kimmy season 7
Kimmy season 8
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