Stephanie is paired up with her nemesis Charles on a school project. He comes to her house to work on it and Stephanie finds out that his father physically abuses him, but she is sworn to secrecy. Meanwhile, Michelle has been calling her funny buddy on the phone without her father's permission after she and Denise were watching a funny joke ad knowing it costs $2.00 a minute. The next day, Charles is not at school, and Stephanie realizes that his father had hurt him again. Danny is mad at Michelle after he discovers the phone calls from his bills and punishes Michelle by having her go to bed an hour earlier for a week. After school, Stephanie finally gives in and tells Jesse, who calls the city and has Charles put into a foster family home away from his father. Stephanie feels guilty at first about Charles being separated from his father, but then she realizes that telling an adult was the right thing to do, and starts to appreciate her own father.