The First Day of School
Season 1, Episode 3
First Aired October 2, 1987
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"Our Very First Night"
"The Return of Grandma"
The First Day of School is The 3 Episode of Full House it aired


It's the first day of school, and Stephanie is nervous. The night before, she tries on a whole lot of different clothes. She tries to recite the Pledge of Allegiance. She's worried someone will walk in and say "Stephanie tanner, ewww!!!". When the first day of school comes, Stephanie decides not to go. But the guys eventually get her to go. While at school, Jesse and Joey also pretend to be her father. While they are inside the school, DJ tries to jump the wall, but fails when Jesse spots her and tells Danny.The reason DJ wanted to ditch school was that she was stuck with a class of 'omeletheads', and she was the only blond. They both eventually learn they must stay in school, and they go back to their individual classes.



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Stephanie: Okay, wanna listen to the pledge? I pledge allegience to the flag of some states of America.
D.J.: Let me tuck you in, very tight.
Stephanie: And to the public which understands, with God, and Liberty, I'm dead meat!