When Jesse is sent to Walt Disney World, he brings Becky for their anniversary, however, the Tanners get to go too. While there, Joey goes to Disney's Hollywood Studios, meets animator Mark Henn (appearing as himself) and draws an animation of himself, which comes to life. Jesse must work instead of spending time with Becky. Danny keeps trying topropose to Vicky. And D.J., Kimmy, Stephanie and Michelle find an attraction where the first person to "make the genie appear" by rubbing a "magic lamp" gets three wishes. Michelle cuts in front of Stephanie and gets the three wishes. She uses her first on to ride anything with no lines. They then ride the carousel over six times and Michelle will not let them ride anything else. When Michelle overhears the other girls' conversation about how bossy she's getting, she runs away. Meanwhile, D.J. sees Steve in everyone, including Prince Charming,Mary Poppins, Captain Hook, Peter Pan, Robin Hood, and Aladdin (who was also voiced by Scott Weinger in the 1992 movie).